Refinance Questionnaire

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, building a commercial complex, refinancing or planning the real property side of your estate, Weldon McInnis’ property department stands ready to serve.

In order to better help with your Real Estate Transaction, please provide us with as much information as you can using the form below.  We will then contact you to get your process underway.

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Refinance Questionnaire

Refinance Questionnaire
Address of the Mortgaged Property
Address of the Mortgaged Property
Matrimonial Property?

Property owned and/or obtained by either or both married spouses before and/or during their marriage (also known as matrimonial assets). Includes the Matrimonial home that the couple lived in during their marriage. Either or both parties have a property interest other than a leasehold interest.

Will you be Transferring Title/Ownership?

Properties are owned one of two ways. The first is as joint tenants; what that means is that if one of you were to die, the other person becomes the full owner of the house. The other way is as tenants in common; what that means is that if one of you were to die, the share of the home that is owned by them would not automatically transfer to the survivor but instead would become owned by their estate and would be transferred according to the directions that they left in their Will.

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