• You and your spouse will each retain your own Collaborative Family Law Lawyer;
  • You, your spouse and your respective Collaborative Family Law Lawyers agree to work together – to collaborate – in an atmosphere of mutual respect and team problem solving – a settlement focused process. You may also choose to involve neutral professionals as part of your team, including parenting plan psychologists and certified divorce financial analysts;
  • You, your spouse and your respective Collaborative Family Law Lawyers will sign a Participation Agreement agreeing to work together with the sole objective being to reach a fair and comprehensive out of Court agreement. The emphasis is on creating lasting solutions.

The signed Participation Agreement includes the following commitments…..that you:

  • agree to reach a settlement without going to Court;
  • cooperate by disclosing all relevant information including financial documents;
  • be honest and respectful of each other particularly when emotions are running high;
  • be mutually prepared to engage other professionals to assist with particularly difficult issues;
  • focus on achieving a mutually acceptable agreement covering all issues in a non-adversarial approach.
  • You and your spouse’s Collaborative Family Law Lawyers will provide each of you with independent legal advice and represent your individual interest in the usual fashion but in the spirit of cooperation.
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